15 words etymologically inspired by animals

This article is about how animals have helped us with our literature. People have created these words by looking at animals’ expressions and their physical appearances. They use these words to describe peoples’ emotions, objects, ect.

A word that I want to know where it came from is soccer. The reason why is because I don’t know how it got that name. I play this sport 24/7 everywhere I go. Soccer in Latin means “morbi”. How do they get soccer out of that?! People should’ve just called soccer football.

There are a lot of words that I understand hoe they got their names. Words like cynic (cynikos), Tyke (tik), ect. But if these words weren’t from our elements and living things, we wouldn’t know how to communicate.

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Who are Prometheus and Gaea?-checked

Prometheus was a titan that was known for molding men and women out of clay. Prometheus was also one of the gods that argued against Zeus, the god of gods, about making the lives of the people better. Prometheus was punished for his feeling and had an eagle to eat his liver as seen in the photo.

Prometheus, Titan helper of mankind | Laconian black figure amphoriskos C6th B.C. | Vatican City Museums


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Gaea was a god that created the Universe and gave birth to the titans, the first born race. She was also god of Earth and was highly worshiped. She’s the oldest god of all Mythology.

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  I finished reading a book called Kick, written by Walter Dean Myres and Ross Workman. This book was about a kid named Kevin that was charged with kidnapping, and destroying property. He also had some anger issues at the time which would get him into trouble. But his personal problems were improved thanks to his friends and his love of soccer.

  Kevin was the main character in this story that was getting into a lot of trouble. He wasn’t a bad person, he had good grades and was good at soccer, that was the strange part about it. He was a little slow, I think that’s why he go into this mess. He also had a rough time loosing his  dad at a young age from a shootout. But he has became a better person.

  The officer that was helping Kevin was doing the right things, in a harsh way, kind of like a bad-cop. He was very stubborn and thought he was doing things the good or right way. But he also helped Kevin relieve his anger issues a little by telling him stories about how he didn’t kill a criminal when he could’ve. He was the most important character in this story.

  Kevin’s mom helped him from going to jail because she had all of Kevin’s friends and teachers to talk about his personality. She also helped the officer from being so stubborn, that something would’ve gone wrong. She was the sensitive one in this story that helped everyone go through this tough period. The cop wouldn’t be as important in the story if she wasn’t involve much.

   I have seen a lot of soccer dramas and this on was actually not a bad story. It taught me how to stay calm during pressure. I highly recommend this book to soccer players.


Bill Gates: The world is better than ever

This article is about how the world is getting better and better, but still has some problems. People are still living healthier lives because of foundations. They are also getting less sick, children all over the world are reduced from diseases. Our population will also stop growing which means less food and money will be wasted. But planet Earth can do better than this.

There are still problems going on all over the world. Species are becoming extinct so there is not a lot of animals. We are having a problem with storing water because of all of the chemicals and we can’t reach the water we desperately need. The Economy hasn’t been this bad since the 1920’s. The climate is changing rapidly, even though not a lot of people notice.

But I disagree with Bill Gates about how the world is becoming the greatest it has ever been. The reason why is because violence has increased a lot over the years. That’s not even all of it. Wars are also occurring in almost every continent. We still need to fix the big problems in order for our Earth to be great.

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Super Bowl Ads: Fox Seeks $4M for 30-Second Slot in Big Game- Tay Cabaniss

This article is about how much money is spent for just 30-second ads for the Super Bowl. When I looked at the price, I was surprised on how they can spend millions of dollars for just short commercials. But then I thought how much technology and props they use for each ad. As you can tell already, there are an abundance of commercials every Super Bowl.

I think this amount of money is TOO much for just short ads that are less than a minute. The reason why is because a lot of the commercials are repeated a couple of times, and that cost money as well. They also need to make sure these commercials are intriguing to people before they just throw it on TV. The reason why is because some of these commercial look like they cost a lot of money and they are just pointless.


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When Will the Big One Strike California?

    This article is about the prediction about a big earthquake planning to strike California in the net couple of decades. California gets thousands of tremors a year, but some of them people don’t even notice or feel. Currently, there is a 97 percent chance of The Big One occurring in the next few years. When The Big One attacks, there will be buildings, highways, pipes, ect to break across the west region. The San Andres Fault will become bigger than it already is. All of California will be violently shaking like a large plate of jello. Thousands of people are going to be injured, and thousands of people will get killed. California is already starting to become prepared for this disaster to attack. The people are adding steel to bridges, walls, and buildings. They are beginning to save food and water to live off of after The Big One.

   I was born in California and I remember being in school going under desks all the time when an earthquake occurs. I also remember hearing about California in the near future to be underwater or to be severely wrecked by a huge earthquake. I really didn’t listen to those predictions because I didn’t want to be paranoid and I thought they were exaggerating and over reacting. But after I read this article, I was shocked and really nervous for my home state. I hope the Big One isn’t that big.


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